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Custom Office Trailers Made in Georgia

Tripple T Cargo Trailers in South Georgia offers businesses custom mobile office trailers. These enclosed trailers offer the comfort and functionality of a brick and mortar space, but the flexibility to move from one job site to another with ease. While we’re based in Georgia we help businesses across the country create the perfect office space on wheels!

Why Choose Triple-T for your Custom Office Trailer?

Triple-T Cargo Trailers is a family-owned and operated business. At Triple-T Cargo Trailers in Georgia, we strive to offer each and every customer an awesome buying experience along with great customer service. Triple-T Cargo Trailers is located in South Georgia where we are known for our southern hospitality. At Triple-T Cargo Trailers, you will begin your experience as a customer, but you will leave as part of the family!

What is a Custom Office Trailer?

A custom office trailer is a heavy-duty enclosed trailer made to fit the needs of hard-working people across the country. Oftentimes the job site moves, and building a location or renting a space can be costly. By getting an office on the move, you’ll shed the expense of rent. Why go custom? Every business has unique needs, and by building a custom trailer we’ll be able to ensure your trailer has everything you need to get the job done!

Tow Safely

After getting your office on the move, follow these steps below to make sure you’re moving your money maker on wheels as safely as possible:

  • Don’t overload the trailer
  • Make sure to fasten all your belongs down
  • Spread the weight evenly

Customize Your Office Trailer

Custom office trailers might be our most popular request. Because every business has unique needs, making sure that your office on wheels has dedicated spaces and compartments is essential. Below, we’ve included some of the specifications you’ll be able to make when going custom:

  • Select the exterior and interior colors that match your brand
  • Pick between different sizes of office trailers
  • Choose the tires that best fit your location
  • Select interior options like cabinets, desks, offices, & more
  • Decide on electric and lighting options
  • Choose bathroom location (if needed)
  • Decide on doors and windows
  • Much more!

Delivery Options

We’re located in Georgia—The Empire State of the South! But our Heavy Duty Custom Office Trailer customers are all over America. When you’re ready to put an order in, we offer delivery options to fit every need.

Contact Us Today!

Getting an office on the move is a liberating experience. Whatever your business is, we’re confident we can help. Give Triple-T Cargo Trailers a call today, and we’ll build you the perfect custom office trailer for all your needs!

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Office Trailers for Every Situation

The options are literally endless on why some of our customers need custom office trailers. Below, we’ve included some of the top businesses that need them regularly. Regardless of your situation, we look forward to helping you get your office on four wheels!

  • Construction Office Trailers – Almost all construction sites need custom office trailers. A lot of job sites don’t offer paved roads, which is not an issue! When going custom for your construction trailer, we can deck it out with heavy-duty tires and exterior walls to keep it safe in the toughest of conditions.
  • EMR (Emergency Management Response) Custom Trailers – We love building these because we know these hard workers are likely first responders to the unfortunate sites of a disaster. Oftentimes, they have to go to unpleasant sites where communities have been unhinged. Building out a custom EMR office trailer gives you the flexibility to make sure your trailer has everything you’ll need when going face to face with devastation.
  • Event Office Trailers– Live events are becoming increasingly more popular, especially in outdoor areas, where interior office space is not possible. At Triple-T our mobile trailer customers need custom solutions to fit every need!

We Make It Easy


The first step is finding you a trailer that meets your needs! Second, we'll help you find the best financing options to make the process quick and easy for you. We understand the need for a budget and we will be more than happy to work with you to include as many options as you request.

At Triple-T Cargo Trailers, we team up with financial institutions that have experience in the trailer financing industry and who we know for honesty and integrity! Both of our financing partners are excited to help you with all of your financing needs, helping you get all four wheels on the road!

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Reviews From Our Customers

It’s absolutely our greatest joy to see a new customer drive off in an enclosed cargo trailer.

“The sales and service are excellent, my new cargo trailer was modified as requested and delivered quickies than expected. The finished product reflected quality craftsmanship throughout. I’m well pleased.”
- Ryan D.

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