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Custom Pet Grooming Trailers made in Georgia

Triple-T Cargo Trailers in Georgia offers a wide variety of custom pet grooming trailers to businesses all over the USA. The pet grooming industry is booming, and we want to help you get in on the action. Let Triple-T Cargo Trailers help you create your very own pet grooming paradise today!

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Why Choose Triple-T Cargo Trailers for Your Pet Grooming Trailer?

Triple-T Cargo Trailers is a family-owned and operated business. At Triple-T Cargo Trailers, we strive to offer each and every customer an awesome buying experience along with great customer service. Triple-T Cargo Trailers is located in South Georgia where we are known for our southern hospitality. At Triple-T Cargo Trailers, you will begin your experience as a customer, but you will leave as part of the family!

At Triple-T Cargo Trailers, we have experience working with animal lovers. As a family-owned business, we’ve had our fair share, and understand the care that furry pets need. The choices are endless in the different customized solutions you’ll be able to pick from, and while the trailer might look like a box, you won’t be boxed in with your options!

What is a Pet Grooming Trailer?

Since the wake of COVID, more and more businesses are hitting the road, not staying confined to an office. The Pet grooming industry is the same, with businesses offering services that will come to the convenience of your home. We create custom trailers for everything under the sun, and are excited to work with companies that are keeping our lassies and Garfields spick and span!

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What are the Benefits of a Custom Pet Grooming Trailer?

Going custom is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your pet grooming company. While there are “off-the-shelf” options, you’ll quickly wish your pet grooming trailer had customizations that better fit your needs.

Triple-T custom pet trailer view from the left

Customize your Pet Grooming Trailer

When selecting your pet shampoo, flea medicine, or brushes, one definitely won’t fit all. The same goes with your trailer. By electing to go custom, you are giving yourself and your business flexibility. Below, we’ve included some of the customizable options to choose from for your grooming trailer:

  • Choose the exterior and interior color that fits your brand!
  • Select your tires
  • We offer an array of different sizes
  • Inside the trailer select the lighting, electricity, toolbox, cabinets, and tubs
  • You can select your access doors and loading ramp
  • Upgrade the axel

Delivery Options

We’re located in Georgia—The Peach State! But our custom Pet Grooming Trailer customers are all over the USA. When you’re ready to put an order in, we offer delivery options to fit every need.

Contact Us Today!

We sincerely wish you the best of luck out there and pray for no dog bites or cat scratches. If you decide to go with a custom trailer for pet grooming, go with Triple-T, and we’ll keep you moving!

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It’s absolutely our greatest joy to see a new customer drive off in an enclosed cargo trailer.

“The sales and service are excellent, my new cargo trailer was modified as requested and delivered quickies than expected. The finished product reflected quality craftsmanship throughout. I’m well pleased.”
- Ryan D.

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