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Custom Race Car Trailers

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity let’s go racing! At Triple-T Cargo Trailers in Georgia, we offer custom race trailers that can be delivered all over the US. From your weekend racer to your die-hard, and everyone in-between we can make sure that all your trailer needs are met. We offer a variety of sizes, exterior, and interior color combos, and several different layout options. Let Triple-T Cargo Trailers make your trailer dreams come true today!

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Why Choose Triple-T for your Race Car Trailer?

Triple-T Cargo Trailers is a family-owned and operated business. At Triple-T Cargo Trailers in Georgia, we strive to offer each and every customer an awesome buying experience along with great customer service. Triple-T Cargo Trailers is located in South Georgia where we are known for our southern hospitality. At Triple-T Cargo Trailers, you will begin your experience as a customer, but you will leave as part of the family!

What is a Custom Race Car Trailer?

If you obsess over the sounds of a racing engine, the sweat that comes with a muscle car, the guts it takes to put the pedal to the medal, well… then, you’re a bonafide enthusiast of cars, a racer, a speed head! When buying the chariot for your beloved car, the best option you can make is to go custom!

What are the Benefits of a Custom Race Car Trailer?

A custom race car trailer puts the control into your hands. Rather than buying an already built trailer for your racer, going custom allows you to make decisions on everything from cabinets to color, to size, and more.

Customize Your Race Car Trailer

We’re all different, and that’s the beauty of this world. Some men & ladies dig the classics when cars were heavy and before computers made all the decisions. On the other hand, there is something undeniably sexy about the technology included in some of the new racers—faster than lightning! There is no right or wrong answer. This is why your trailer NEEDS to be custom. Below, we’ve included a few of the different specs you can choose from, but please know, we love a unique challenge:

  • Select the size of your race car trailer
  • Choose from different tire options
  • Customize the cabinets and toolboxes
  • Decide where the doors will go and the specifications of the loading ramp
  • Choose the exterior and interior color that matches your aesthetic!
  • Upgrade the axel
  • Inside the trailer, choose specific electric and lighting options

Delivery Options

We’re located in Georgia—The Empire State of the South! But our Race Car Trailer customers are all over the globe. When you’re ready to put an order in, we offer delivery options to fit every need. See you out there!

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As Henery Ford said, “Auto racing began five minutes after the second car was built”. Have fun out there, folks, and contact us when you’re ready to have your dream custom race car trailer built!

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Tow Your Race Car with Safety

After we build you the custom race car trailer of your dreams, the rest is on you. Enjoy those tracks, the winding roads, the canyons, and the beautiful open-air! We leave you with a few tips to make sure when hauling the trailer, you stay safe!

Spread the weight as evenly as you can in your trailer
Don’t overload the trailer. We’ll give you the exact weight that can go inside
Make sure tools and belongings are fastened down. The last thing you want is a wrench going head first into a window!

Tow With Safety

Race Trailers FAQ’s

Your trailer questions answered.

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At Triple-T Cargo Trailers, we team up with financial institutions that have experience in the trailer financing industry and who we know for honesty and integrity! Both of our financing partners are excited to help you with all of your financing needs, helping you get all four wheels on the road!

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It’s absolutely our greatest joy to see a new customer drive off in an enclosed cargo trailer.

“The sales and service are excellent, my new cargo trailer was modified as requested and delivered quickies than expected. The finished product reflected quality craftsmanship throughout. I’m well pleased.”
- Ryan D.

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