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Custom Toy Hauler Trailers Made In Georgia

You’ve been hearing the Siren’s call, and with an invitation like that, there’s no way you can just stay at home. A custom Toy Hauler Trailer not only gives you more freedom to experience all the beautiful views our country has to offer, but it allows you to bring your ATVs or Motor Vehicles along for the journey. Life IS a highway and with one of our Toy Hauler Trailers, not only will you be able to ride it all night and day long, but when you have your toys traveling with you, the Road has no limitations.

Toy Haulers

Why Choose Triple-T for your Toy Hauler

Triple-T Cargo Trailers is a family-owned and operated business. At Triple-T Cargo Trailers in Georgia, we strive to offer each and every customer an awesome buying experience along with great customer service. Triple-T Cargo Trailers is located in South Georgia where we are known for our southern hospitality. At Triple-T Cargo Trailers, you will begin your experience as a customer, but you will leave as part of the family!

What are the Benefits of Getting a Custom Toy Hauler?

RV enthusiasts are usually active people who appreciate the convenience and the clever use of space. With a toy hauler, owners get many of the benefits of their garages at home with the convenience of mobility. For example:

  • Wide openings with a built-in ramp: The easy access makes storing, loading, and unloading your bulky toys a breeze
  • Self-contained: With an enclosed area, you can rest easy knowing there’s additional security and weather protection
  • Add-ons: Include a generator and/ or water tank for additional comfort amenities
  • Easy Access: Many owners of our Toy Haulers choose to equip a gas fueling station to the exterior so you can top off your gas-powered toys wherever it’s needed.
  • Part Mobile Garage – Part Living Area: Many of our customers use their Toy Hauler as an extra space for living, as an office, or as a hobby room. When you include fold-up sofas or beds that can be raised to the ceiling when not in use, mount a flatscreen TV, and include some additional seating, you can add an extra room to your RV for guests!

What is a Toy Hauler?

A Toy Hauler is your RV travel companion, allowing you to store your oversized toys in a secure, weather-proof location that can double as extra space for you when you’re out on the road.

Customize Your Toy Hauler

  • Choose the exterior and interior color that fits your style
  • Select your tires
  • We offer an array of different sizes to fit any need
  • Inside the trailer select the lighting, electricity, cabinets,
  • Select your access doors and loading ramp
  • Upgrade the axel

Delivery Options

We’re located in the great state of Georgia but our custom Toy Hauler Trailer customers are all over the USA. When you’re ready to put an order in, we offer delivery options to fit every need.

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You’ve worked hard and now it’s time to enjoy your life. When you’re ready to answer the call of adventure, give us a call at Triple-T and we can get started on your dream Toy Hauler today!

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Tow With Saftey

The last thing you want is to arrive at that perfect location only to find out that one of your VERY expensive toys got lost along the way! When you are driving, please be sure to do the following:

  • Don’t overload the trailer
  • Make sure to fasten all your belongs down
  • Spread the weight evenly
Tow With Safety

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At Triple-T Cargo Trailers, we team up with financial institutions that have experience in the trailer financing industry and who we know for honesty and integrity! Both of our financing partners are excited to help you with all of your financing needs, helping you get all four wheels on the road!

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It’s absolutely our greatest joy to see a new customer drive off in an enclosed cargo trailer.

“The sales and service are excellent, my new cargo trailer was modified as requested and delivered quickies than expected. The finished product reflected quality craftsmanship throughout. I’m well pleased.”
- Ryan D.

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